Yahoo & Google Sign ‘Search Deal’, Sort of


Yahoo and Google announced a three-year ‘Search Deal’ (with no guarantees, lots of flexibility, and multiple termination clauses) which will enable Yahoo to serve Google’s ads on 49% of desktop and 100% of mobile searches (if it wishes).

Deal Highlights

  • Google could power both mobile and desktop ads.
    • Both paid and organic can be shown on any device.
  • Yahoo is still contractually obligated to show Microsoft’s ads on 51% of desktop search.
    • Google (or Yahoo or another service) can power the remaining 49%.
  • Yahoo retains the ability to show whichever search results it wants on the other 49% of desktop searches and 100% of mobile searches.
  • Termination clauses exist if there is opposition by either the US DOJ, the EU, or India’s Central Government by claiming this ‘Search Deal’ has an adverse effect on the ongoing antitrust proceedings.
  • Obviously money will exchange hands if Yahoo decides to show Google’s search results but no amounts were noted.
    • Typically one would expect fees to vary depending on device type, search query, and location of search.

follow link What Does This Mean To You

  • Today, nothing.
    • First off, this partnership must be approved by the DOJ
      • Back in 2008 when Yahoo and Google tried to do something similar, the DOJ determined that it would be bad on competitive grounds and thus the deal fell apart.
        • Today, the deal includes both Microsoft and Google (increasing competition) and Yahoo’s market share is considerably less than it was back in 2008.


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Steve Jacoby
Managing Director Search and Media Strategy

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