Yahoo Gemini – DOW Exclusions

Dayparts are a crucial addition to any SEM account to better adjust your bids for top converting hours or best performing days. However, another strategy is to exclude the days in which performance may suffer (such as weekends in which clicks may be accrued with limited to no conversions).

go here In Google and MSN, we can easily select a campaign and choose to either implement dayparts or exclude specific days of the week. Unfortunately, this functionality is not entirely possible in Yahoo Gemini due to the 15 minute ad serve requirement. Your ad must be eligible to serve for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. The workaround is to allow your ads to serve for only those 15 minutes each day and run your ads from 12AM-12:15AM for the affected campaigns.

follow site To implement this ‘exclusion’ in Yahoo Gemini, add in the following to your upload bulk sheet (Sunday is used as an example, please replace with the day you would like to exclude):


follow link This is the only known method at this time until Yahoo Gemini decides to allow true day exclusions.


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