Why Color Matters

source site Color is one of main elements that formulate an effective landing page design. When consumers visit a landing page, they typically make up their mind to click the call to action button within the first few seconds. Color determines the perception of the business, product, and trustworthiness, while also capturing attention of a landing page.

Color theory is the idea of creating an emotional response by using colors. Particular colors can provoke certain emotions or feelings. Establishing trust with the user from the beginning can lead to a conversion.

here Below is an overview of the meaning of popular color associations in design:

venessa huchens naked pics Blue – trustworthiness, loyalty and sincerity. It is seen as an intellectual color often associated with communication, logic and coolness. Blue is the most popular color used by businesses

kahki petite denim skirt Yellow – youthful and optimistic. Yellow grabs attention and is also associated with emotions, self- esteem, creativity and friendliness.

sexy black female with dreadlocks Red – energy, courage, strength and excitement. Red also promotes urgency.

watch Green – wealth and stability. Promotes balance, health, refreshment and restoration, and is often associated with the environment. Green is the easiest for the eyes to process.

enter Orange – fun, warmth, passion and security. Creates a call to action.

disneys vanessa hudgens naked pictures Pink – love, romantic, and feminine.  Pink is generally used to market to women and young girls.

outdoor forced sex gallery Purple – luxury, vision, quality and truth. It is a soothing color with a spiritual element.

click here Black – sleekness and sophistication and efficiency. Black is often associated with luxury products.

When designing a landing page it is important to select the color scheme carefully. What colors are users more likely to respond to? Before you start to think about what colors will be best for a landing page to achieve its purpose, think about the associations that you want visitors to pick up on. This can increase chances of getting the highest amount of conversions from your landing page.

While triggering emotional response is a significant factor in selecting colors for a landing page, another factor is using contrast in making key elements of the page stand out. What matters is not so much the color of the call to action button, but if it stands out compared to its surrounding elements. For example, if the page is primarily green – choosing an orange button is probably a good idea.

No color choice is more crucial than contrast. Psychological color impacts can offer general guidelines, but contrast has grabs attention and generates action. This is critical for landing page conversions, which are designed exclusively to get a user to follow through on the call to action.

Furthermore, consider the value of white space around your call to action and throughout your page. In addition to providing a contrasting color for readability, white space reduces confusion and draws attention on the all-important call to action.

Begin with the colors that reinforce brand identity or and consider emotional response of the consumer. Then find the complementary, contrasting colors to drive visitors to click the call to action. Always remember that the primary goal of landing pages is conversion, and that goal should drive all color choices.


Mona Rayachoti,

Associate Graphic Designer

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