Where can print advertisers find new customers?

source site As the world moves online, where does that leave the traditional print advertisers? The circulation of insert programs is shrinking and finding available space is becoming more competitive.   Fear not, there are cost efficient solutions.  Utilizing drive-to-phone programs can provide advertisers with additional distribution for new customer acquisitions.  Drive to phone programs can be structured around the advertiser’s desired action, whether it be closing a new customer on the phone or scheduling an appointment for an in-home estimate.  Most drive-to-phone programs can be structured on a pay-for-performance basis, once the desired action has been clearly defined.  For example, cost per lead versus cost per sale.

One of the largest mediums that offers drive-to-phone programs are the Yellow Page Directories.  Direct response advertisers have largely ignored the yellow page directories due to their long lead times and the false perception that they are an outdated channel.  Well, this outdate channel has enormous potential due to its tremendous circulation and use by consumers in an active buying mode.  The Yellow Page Directories enable advertisers to generate incremental leads and sales on a pay-for-performance basis.  Once you get past the long lead time, the revenue potential is huge.  Your creative is placed in the directory headings relevant to your product or service.

follow Rather than run your offer in a program you hope someone looks at, you can place your offer in the Yellow Page Directories where potential customers will be seeking you out.  Drive to phone programs should be incorporated in all media plans to supply additional growth opportunities at a manageable cost.

Kevin D. Vas

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