WAML is the new Flash

Web Application Markup Language is the new standard for ad development. It includes any language used to develop a web based application including HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox removed support for Adobe Flash in their latest releases leading to large websites like YouTube, Amazon, and even Facebook to either phase out or plan to phase out the support Adobe Flash. Furthermore, most mobile devices don’t support Adobe Flash and in order for ads to work on these platforms, developers are scrambling to convert old Flash ads to new WAML ads.

Why did this happen?
Adobe Flash Player constantly poses a security threat to websites and browsers. Among that, most users don’t update the player often enough to keep up with the security updates, leading them exposed to malware and viruses.

What are the affects?
Websites and any ads created in Adobe Flash will no longer load in new browsers leading to lower conversion and impression rates.

What are the next steps?
WAML is the new standard to develop ads in. These languages are supported in almost all browsers and will ensure optimal compatibility.

Google has provided a free easy to use tool called Swiffy to convert old Flash ads into new HCJ format.

Google’s Google Web Designer and Adobe’s Adobe Edge Animate are a few of the easiest ways to produce new ads in WAML.

If you prefer to customize every step of the way, GreenSock, jQuery, Bounce.js, and TweenJS offer great libraries to develop animated ads. A search for “javascript animation library” will bring you plenty of results to test your ads with.

Daniel Cruger
Associate Front End Web Developer

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