The Value Of The Like

follow site I’ve been reading quite a bit about the value (and in many cases, non value) of the facebook Like. According to a column in search engine land by Carrie Hill, “over 90% of the people who like your facebook business page will never look again”. Now, Ms. Hill states this totally anecdotally, which I think is bad on the editorial part of search engine land, but whatever.

Now much of her article goes on to discuss poor bounce rates and performance due to poorly created posts which are completely irrelevant to the organization and are simply generated (posts that is) to build the like universe.

Now we all know that you need to have a critical mass of likes to create a remarketing program of any value. Concurrently, different organizations obtain these likes because people really do believe in the company/cause. We recently performed a facebook campaign that generated a considerable amount of likes and we can see through some remarketing, that these consumers do read and interact with the brand.

So if you’re creating posts to generate likes to build a critical mass to remarket to, good luck. If you’re doing something that people really do like, and then you’re going to remarket to them, you’ll find success.

Steve Jacoby,
Managing Director Search

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