The Power of Front Page Advertising

As technology continues to modernize, advertisers are faced with the endless challenge of how to best reach and engage customers. With many mediums to choose from, newspapers still reign precedence. Newspaper advertising can target specific demographics, which allows advertisers to reach smaller audiences including those in specific geographical areas. Though newspaper readership has continued to decline, an average issue of a daily or Sunday newspaper reaches more adults than an average half-hour prime time television show.

Advertising on the front page of a newspaper gives off a sense of legitimacy. It’s the first section that a reader looks at when picking up a newspaper. The advertisements on the front page are visible and it makes the ads appear more important. Post It Notes are repositionable sticker ads that are typically found on newspapers. Sticky notes can be used for pretty much anything you want to advertise. The most common shape for this ad is a 3 x 3 square, however they can be cut into other shapes as well as being printed on one or two sides with black and white ink or color. The ability to apply and reposition Post It Notes anywhere is beneficial not only to the advertiser, but also to the reader. The great thing about them is that you are getting several engagements out of it. The first engagement is picking up the paper at the newspaper stand. Grabbing it, peeling it, looking at both sides and sticking it in your pocket makes this type of advertisement more sufficient. Because the nature of this unit is portable, so to speak, its effective in frequency makes it repeat the message or get multiple impressions. The message and target audience are important considerations when using a sticky note. For example, Post It Notes are great if you’re trying to target a specific group since newspapers are a major source for coupons.

If you want to do an impact unit in a small community the only option sometimes is doing the Post It Note because it is harder to reach your audience with other media. Putting a Post It Note in a larger paper like the New York Times or the Washington Post is also beneficial because it is a great way to stand out in a cluttered marketplace.

If you’re looking for a highly visible ad that has a long-term presence consider post it notes in your next campaign.

Alexandra Grasso