Tips on How to Write Viral Content

So you have this great idea for a blog post and you hope that it’ll go viral and drive a lot of people to your blog, but do you know how to create that content, the smart way? Going viral isn’t always guaranteed, but if you follow these tips, you’re a step closer to having your content shared around the internet world. 1. Wr…Read More

Is SEO and Social Media in a Relationship?

What is Social Media and SEO Everyone is thinking and talking about the relationship between Social Media and SEO. Social Media is used to build relationships by fostering interactions, discussions, to share ideas and content. Social media helps with the discovery of new content, information and current stories. It’s abou…Read More

2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Summary

Over time Google has made many changes to its algorithm which has affected the rankings of many websites According to Moz, Google changes its algorithm around 500-600 every year.  That’s more than an update a day.  Most of the updates are minor, but every few months Google rolls out a “major” update that affects results in a …Read More