The Value Of The Like

I’ve been reading quite a bit about the value (and in many cases, non value) of the facebook Like. According to a column in search engine land by Carrie Hill, “over 90% of the people who like your facebook business page will never look again”. Now, Ms. Hill states this totally anecdotally, which I think is bad on the editorial …Read More

The Art and Science of Your Social Networking

As one that commutes 40+ minutes to and from work each day, I tend to spend a good bit of time on my social networks. For me, it’s Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m “somewhat” conscientious on what I’m posting as to not offend anyone but yet not bore everyone as well. What strikes me is the amount of folks who use these sites with…Read More

Google +1 or Google -2

I know Microsoft didn’t invent much of what they brought to market. Window, office, etc are all “me too” products. I guess their kinda like BASF, they didn’t make it, they just made it better. Now how about Google +1? The art and science behind social search I get. It’s going to be HUGE! The power of the “Like” is treme…Read More