4 Data Analysis Features Every Marketer Should be Using

Today’s marketers are faced with constant data explosion. Customer data is tracked from television spots, radio ads, direct mail campaigns, search, display and social media interactions. The ability to prove ROI on a campaign is never for a lack of the quantity of data available. But, the insights gained from this data and the acti…Read More

AdWords Starts to Report Clicks and Keyword Positioning

AdWords Starts to Report on Keyword Positioning A very cool thing we noticed the other day that’s not available through the API and NOT in the AdWords UI is the ability to record (and store) the position the keyword was in when it was clicked. It’s being passed back in the URL string ctadpos=1t1 (meaning page 1 top rail positio…Read More

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner.

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner. New York, NY – ConvergeDirect voted People’s Choice Award Winner for Best New Innovation at the 2011 All For One Integrated Marketing Summit in NYC. …Read More