How to choose a Content Management System for your blog?

There are many items to consider when picking out a new Content Management System (CMS) for a blog. It’s great that there is an abundant amount of CMS’s to choose from, but how can you determine which one will work the best for your functionality. …Read More

Will TV buying follow in Digital’s Programmatic Footprint?

Programmatic buying: the new buzzword of the advertising industry. Ask for a definition of the term, however, and the response is almost always vague. In layman’s terms, “programmatic” covers various technologies that allow an agency to automate the buying and optimizing of advertising with little human intervention. At present…Read More

Achieve your Marketing Goals with the Help of an Agency

Understanding all the nuances of any type of digital marketing that stems into lead generation, whether it is SEO, SEM, Email, Affiliate, etc., is not a process that takes a few days; it can take weeks, or even months to complete! It is an extremely daunting task, and one of the main reasons why almost every major university now offe…Read More

5 Best SEO Rules and Tips from an Intern

During my summer internship at Converge Direct, I was immediately introduced the SEO Best Practices. I had little experience with Search Engine Optimization, since I had only taken one marketing class. In my first few weeks here, my brain was inundated with SEO information. While it was all new and sometimes overwhelming, it was also…Read More

6th Annual ConvergeDirect Golf Outing

Sunny skies, warm temperatures and generosity marked the 6th annual ConvergeDirect Golf Outing. The all-day event took place on June 2nd at the Westchester Hills Golf Course and featured golf (18 holes, scramble format), a barbecue lunch, raffles and a silent auction. All fees benefited …Read More

AdWords Starts to Report Clicks and Keyword Positioning

AdWords Starts to Report on Keyword Positioning A very cool thing we noticed the other day that’s not available through the API and NOT in the AdWords UI is the ability to record (and store) the position the keyword was in when it was clicked. It’s being passed back in the URL string ctadpos=1t1 (meaning page 1 top rail positio…Read More

2011 DMA Innovations Award: ConvergeDirect is a Finalist!

We submitted an entry to the 2011 DMA Innovations Awards. The category we selected was Database, Measurement and Attribution. The summary of the innovation is as follows: A core challenge is making real-time data-driven Alternative Media buying decisions quickly and accurately in the offline spectrum. ConvergeTrack™…Read More