SEO Pricing – The Inside Story

Return on investment is one of the focal concerns for any business in the long run. So if you’re tired of redundant SEO strategies with very little or no quantifiable results, SEO variable pricing will be like a breath of fresh air.

SEO is not a turnkey solution – it’s more like buying a house. The cost involved would be variable, depending on a host of things based on your core objectives and the outcome you desire. And once you own the house you might want to renovate certain parts and then there’s the daily maintenance.

SEO is dynamic. Factors that influence SEO strategy are constantly changing. Search engine algorithms. Your needs. The tastes and preferences of the target audience. The market. The competition. This makes SEO a continuous process.

The most effective online marketing service providers believe in partnering with their clients by offering a result-driven variable SEO model (which is tied directly to the latter’s business goal, whether it’s leads, traffic or sales) to amplify and add value to the business, while ensuring that every penny invested in SEO is accounted for. 

Ask yourself

As a business, answering these questions can help decide the ideal SEO pricing strategy –

“How effective is my current SEO strategy?”

“Am I getting the desired ROI?”

“Is my current strategy worth the bucks?”

“How much am I willing to shell out for hiring SEO services?”

“Do I wish to utilize SEO as my ‘secret weapon’, or is it merely going to be one of my marketing alibis?” 

Are you a non-believer?

SEO is one of the most cost-effective tactics. Three things that help understand SEO and reinstate one’s belief in it:

  1. The approach – The evaluation of the needs/problems of prospective customers can be followed by deployment of SEO as a crowd-puller to attract only the most relevant leads out of the universe of online surfers.
  1. The engine theory – While one might see only the attractive top ranking on Google as the impact of SEO, there’s an ensemble of unseen elements at work which deliver the overall impact of intelligent optimization.
  1. The cage theory – A business should think about search engines as huge cages that contain its target audiences, and the listing on SERPs (search engine results pages) as the keys to those cages. Unlocking the cages will drown the business in a flood of traffic!

Take your pick!

Since ‘price’ is a major concern, it is important to comprehend the nuances of the dollars involved in SEO pricing and the typical pricing models besides variable pricing:

Contract services at fixed prices: Nearly all SEO agencies offer contract-based services for an agreed-upon array of deliverables.

  • Project-based pricing: Also known as ‘variable pricing’, the cost involved depends on custom projects created specifically for a client. Here, the pricing varies according to the project requirements and action plan outlined for it. For example, a local art gallery may be looking to get its name out in the local market or become popular with tourists who visit the city. They ask the SEO agency to help them with local SEO and also help them establish their social presence with national and international tourists. The prices for such specific campaigns can be mutually evolved and ascertained.
  • PPP: ‘Pay per performance’  or variable pricing is another desirable, unconventional and innovative pricing model which enables real time tracking and measurement of a campaign’s ROI.
  • Hourly consulting: An hourly fee is charged in exchange for services or information.


Daniel Kamen

SEO Director

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