Is SEO and Social Media in a Relationship?

What is Social Media and SEO

Everyone is thinking and talking about the relationship between Social Media and SEO. Social Media is used to build relationships by fostering interactions, discussions, to share ideas and content. Social media helps with the discovery of new content, information and current stories. It’s about getting people to see and talk about your brand and share the information with their network. Search engine optimization is about optimizing for the content to appear higher in the search rankings. People are sharing news, talking about events and products on social media sites while others are searching on Google for the same topics. The 2013 Searchmetrics shows that social highly correlates with rankings and how social media and SEO go hand in hand.

Authority and Relevancy is More Important Now Than Ever Before

Authority and relevancy are two basic factors that Google considers in their algorithm. Traditionally authority was measured by search engines looking at the quality of the website, the value of the content and the backlinks. However, search engines now look at more aspects other than just content and links. Search engines like websites that add fresh new and related content because it helps the website be more authoritative and the expert in the subject matter. The more trustworthy and relevant your website looks, the better your rank will be.

So you’re probably wondering how social media plays into all this. Social media adds additional value for users and for websites. Over the past few years the way people behave and communicate has changed and social media has played a big role in the change. What used to be a meeting for dinner with a friend has now become a Facebook or Twitter message to stay connected.  In this ever changing world, it is important for websites to get with the social media flow and integrate and maintain it with their website.

The amount of quality links determine the authoritativeness but the numbers of shares, posts, tweets now also show the authority of a site. The more people are talking about the site, the more authority it has. It’s important for sites to connect with their users by posting and sharing content that they want to read and come back to your website over and over again. Some people however don’t consider searching for services/products on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and still depend on search engines to provide them answers. This is where social media and SEO come together! People see your brand and your content on a social media site, share it and talk about it with their network of friends who then research the brand on a search engine or on a social media site. So it’s important that your brand name is seen everywhere.


If you haven’t created a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles yet, then that’s the first step you need to take. People spend a lot of time creating an elevator pitch – a 30sec to 2 minute speech. The goal of the elevator speech is to connect to a person and continue a conversation during the short elevator ride. Your social media profiles should reflect an elevator speech; short, simple and to the point. You want a user who’s going to spend approximately 20-60 seconds looking at your social media page to want to say “Hey I like this; I want to know more about this company”.  Finally, making sure the content you post and share is relevant and engaging, sharing information that gets users to come back to your site wanting more.

Avani Vyas

SEO Strategist

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