Search Queries – A look Into The Human Mind

Yesterday I read an interesting post from Media Post regarding the work Ogi Ogas and Sai Goddam have completed analyzing searches on sexual desires from across the globe (US, Saudi Arabia, Japan, India Germany, Italy, Russia and more. Their book, “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” which is scheduled to be released May 5th analyzed 1 billion web searches from around the world on what they term as “true sexual desires”.

They compiled query data from Dogpile (haven’t heard that name in quite some time), AOL, Google, Bing and Yahoo to understand true sexual desires. You see, most folks can’t be (don’t want to be) honest when asked personal questions about their sexual wants and desires so mining this data provides insight into the human psyche.

Now I won’t bore you with the results of these findings, you’ll have to read the post yourself, but I do find it rather interesting that there is a new source of data that researchers will pan over for decades to come to better understand what we want and think. Making all your searches (and mine) open game for scientists will only continue to unlock the code to our real wants and desires.

People (most often groups looking out for our “better interests” are so concerned with Apple, Google and the likes storing location, query and other personal data because they’ll use it against us. I get it, heavens for Betsy they’ll show me an ad based on what I’m looking for or where I am. I don’t mean to gloss over the issue of protecting the consumer from big brother, but I believe it’s more of a political ploy to make a name for someone or start a class action suit more than protecting the consumer. Apple and the likes have way more to lose by deterring consumer confidence so maybe I’m naive but I believe they take all the right steps to protect us.

So the next time you’re searching away to determine what that thing on your lip is or why you feel the way you do or why a coworker does what they do, remember, big brother (and sister) is watching, collecting and analyzing you every thought and desire. Or better yet, use miva or 7search to conduct your queries.

Steve Jacoby,
Managing Director, Search

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