Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO means many different things to many different people. Though the major search engines change their algorithm every day our mission has never changed.

Give the People What They Want

Our motto is to provide the best user experience with the user intent in mind for your website. This  will increase not only the trust in website visitors to continuously come back to your website, but also gain the trust of the search engines to proudly show your websites in page 1 results. Once we accomplish this, we ensure to lead the customer down the path to meet your goals whether that’s picking up a phone or filling out a form.

At ConvergeDirect it is our goal to become an extension of your organization where we meet your quantifiable & qualitative goals.  For us to accomplish this when it comes to SEO we align our clients goals with customer expectation to ensure it will provide an optimal experience that will eventually lead to an increase in conversions.

We accomplish this goal by doing the following:

We work ethically – no quick fixes

We adhere to the rules laid down by search engines and recognize that any deviations or short-cuts to gain rankings are temporary and may actually wind up hurting your business. We respect search engine guidelines and our efforts will concentrate on getting your business noticed on the web and increasing sales organically over time.  This will be done by building a solid foundation for your business to grow online. Once a solid base has been established we then cultivate a result-driven strategy for long term success so that you can explore new markets, find new customers, get better conversion rates, and build brand awareness with long lasting results.

We work hard at it every day

Search engines are constantly changing their parameters and best practices. In the last year, Google changed it’s algorithm over 500 times. There are hundreds of factors to consider and all of them require a great deal of attention to detail and continuous monitoring.  This is why we develop a road-map centered around your goals to ensure that no matter what the changes are we focus on what’s important to you.

We don’t stop at success

We believe success is a never ending process of growth. There’s too much at stake to stop!  Getting top rankings is not enough. You need to defend your position because your competitors are using SEO efforts, too. SEO is not a one-time setup. Monitoring and maintaining SEO efforts are needed to stay ahead.

There is No End in Sight

The Eskimos have 100 different words for snow and now with the advent of mobile and tablet search, the ways people search online is endless, which means there is always new opportunities to attract new users that we can be targeting.

We stay ahead of the curve

One of the most difficult aspects of SEO is staying ahead of search engine changes. We have the experience and knowledge to cope with those changes and forecast emerging trends so that you don’t miss any opportunity for growth. Not only do we have internal weekly training, but we offer lunch and learn sessions, best practice documents and training seminars to our clients so that they stay ahead of the curve with us.

What distinguishes us from other SEO AGENCIES?

  • Content strategists are core to our SEO process. Not many SEO agencies focus on content like we do. We identify concepts and markets that are relevant to your audience. For us the focus is not on building keyword-centric content, our focus is on building compelling content that adds value to your core business and builds brand authority.
  • We work with you and your partners. Unlike many other agencies that work independently, we work alongside you, making sure we don’t lose out on core values that are important to your business and utilize as much information as we can from your PR team, paid search strategists and off-line components to ensure we have a synergistic strategy.
  • We don’t believe in package deals. If there’s one thing that’s constant about SEO, it is constantly changing. If you want SEO to work for your business, you need a customized plan that is dynamic and relentlessly adapting to achieve results. Our end goal is not just to get your website’s rankings up on search engines, but to provide an ultimate customer satisfaction. It’s all about working together to build your presence online and maximizing the ROI.
  • We believe experience is a game changer. With over 20 years of combined SEO experience, working on Fortune 100 clients from E-commerce to lead generation we understand what the search engines are looking for, how to engage with users and most importantly what a true partnership means, which is why we have less than a 10% turnover rate every year.
  • We have a holistic approach. When it comes to SEO there are many services we offer.  The synergy between all these components is what makes us different. It is with all the testing, measuring results and changes we make that define our results.
  • Technology ensures we meet your goals. With the use of ConvergeTrack we ensure we measure our results to your back-end ‘real results’ so all of our optimizations are based on what works and matters most to you. In addition we have access to multiple enterprise tools that give us real-time data and actionable insights into all of your web properties.