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As Teena mentioned in last week’s post, creative and format testing is always important. One factor to consider when creative testing is the audience and context of the media channel. Readers of newspapers, FSI’s, Sunday supplements and magazines tend to respond differently to ad formats. So while readers of an FSI might be used to seeing coupons and heavy discounts which drive to retail locations, a newspaper reader may be accustomed to an advertorial style ad and ready to call to find out more. Below are some results of creative testing we have learned in Newspaper Sunday Supplements vs Daily Newspapers.

A few definitions to be clear on our on page testing versions:
Advertorial: Copy heavy in 5 column format including headline and byline to mimic editorial content
Display: Limited copy with the emphasis on product images and offer callouts
enter site Hybrid: Single column of editorial added to display version

see Newspaper Sunday Supplements on page testing:

  • Adding a column of editorial with the hybrid ad almost doubled call volume in the Newspaper Sunday supplement! Seeing these results, we were anxious to test the hybrid ad against the advertorial, however we are seeing a decrease in response with the traditional advertorial in this channel. Since the Sunday supplement is a color magazine featuring editorial and DR/ retail advertising, the hybrid offers the winning creative combination to date for this audience.

Daily newspapers on page testing:

  • In daily newspapers, our control ad is an advertorial format. We set up a test to discover the impact of the hybrid version running in newspapers. There was a 26% decrease in calls when running the hybrid ad. The newspaper reader is in an editorial environment looking to browse and read through content. Our advertorial creative engaged the reader to learn more about our product through editorial content and drove them to call. However, the hybrid version did not allow for enough editorial copy to educate the reader enough on the product.

Next up for testing includes changing headlines and images within the ads to keep them fresh and eye catching!

Tricia Edmiston

Sr. Account Executive

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