Print Testing 101

Testing is imperative for any campaign to optimize performance and format in the print environment.  Many times testing budgets or timing for reading results are limited so it’s crucial to plan out your strategy in order to gain the most impactful learnings.  These values can help streamline and truly hone in on the objectives and next steps you are in search of.

Game changing creative refresh:

  • Many times when testing creative changes we might tip our toes in the water with small changes – changing a color, adding a new logo, enlarging callouts – however, we should look to test creative concepts that will truly act as refreshes to our offer.  This creative refresh which will essentially update the look of the offer and will likely drive increased response.
  • A new, clean, modern creative might pique the interest of your audience

Formats, Formats, Formats:

  • This concept has a few components:
  • You are able to alter your format thus acting as an interrupter in the market
    • Entertain the idea of going bigger in format which will allow for greater space to tell your story to the consumer.
    • Smaller formats could be a way to drive high response since consumers are not getting the full picture from an undersized insert
    • Premium formats would be an ideal way to act as an interrupter – envelopes, magazines, post cards could stand out from the clutter thus driving higher response.  An upside here is you could be getting a caller who is driven enough to open up the envelope or sift through the magazine to pick up the phone which could result in a higher close.
  • You are able to reposition your offer/content in a creative aspect
    • Varying sizes in formats allow for a creative revamp to fit the specs of the new concept.  This could prove to be advantageous in response.
  • There could be cost savings here, thus improving your overall performance
    • Test various paper stocks, weight and take note of shipping costs that will all be rolled up into your total spend.

Sample Size & Timing:

  • Since testing budgets and timing is limited, plan to test upfront with a sample size that will allow for a statistically significant read.
  • Timing is also important, unless you’re testing a holiday themed creative/offer it might be best to avoid holidays as they may skew results.

With these handful of tips on testing, you can begin a creative and format optimization testing plan for your campaign.  Happy Testing!!

Teena Ramdat

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