Microsoft Marketing in Multiple Verticals

If you live in the world of display advertising, having new weekly vendor meetings and being a part of the social media community  is critical to staying ahead of the competition. One of these vendors who happens to be a house hold name is also taking online marketing through multiple devices to a whole new level.

Microsoft has changed the scales amongst other vendors by targeting additional devices where there is much room for growth opportunities.  One of these devices is the  Xbox. Xbox is the video game console owned by Microsoft that is now not just a game console as it is a home entertainment center with access to the internet, movies; becoming a more widely used platform. Microsoft is pushing ad placement in many areas not just within the console while browsing, but actually in video games, whether it be on a race car your driving or a billboard you see in your favorite RPG. This is great news because Microsoft has collected massive amounts of data from these users, especially the ones who play online.

Another new and exciting placement opportunity Microsoft has been able to capitalize on is Skype. Skype is an online communication service where people can chat online, make audio or video calls, even share screens with other users. Think AOL instant Messenger for the new millennium. After Microsoft’s acquisition they have now been able to better understand the demographics of the different types of Skype user s(PC vs. mobile) and will be selling different forms of skype advertising in the near future.

These are just two different new opportunities.  With the practical application of contextual advertising being used and the ability to continuously target your demographic no matter where a person is, the landscape is an online marketers paradise as long as they are keeping aware of all of the options.

Laura Deitch, ConvergeDirect’s interactive director of digital recently attended the Digital Content NewFront 2012 at Microsoft Advertising’s New York City office where they previewed many new placement opportunities to come.   She was quoted in a ClickZ article stating that “she was impressed by Microsoft Advertising’s offerings. Its ability to strategically target consumers with content over multiple devices was eye opening”.  Laura and the ConvergeDirect team are always looking for new creative placements and give Kudos to Microsoft for being so creative.


follow Author: Daniel Kamen at ConvergeDirect

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