Life after kids…already!

Today felt weird. I watched my ‘babygirl’ leave for her first day of her last year of high school. Exciting for her but sad for me. In 11 short months she will leave the nest and begin her adventure into adulthood. I think about my oldest; she is traveling the world, experiencing new things and starting to build long-life relationships that I am not a part of. I feel overjoyed by her happiness and self-finding, and trying not to feel left-behind. And now, my baby, who just yesterday took her first steps, is getting ready to do the same.

What does this have to do with business, you ask…Everything! At 50ish years old, I feel like I can start to put my energies back into my work. What you don’t know about me is I’m a pretty successful business woman. I feel I really got it right. When my kids were babies, I was a struggling female in the workplace moving up the ladder (I’ll get to these stories later). I worked 70 hour weeks missing many of their ‘firsts’-first time they held the bottle, first words, first steps, first time on a two wheeler. It was hard! But, I beat the brutal working world for woman consisting of unsupportive males and females alike. With thick-skin, I can say, today I am a proud partner in a very successful ad firm. I left a successful job in a large agency 10 years ago to open a new kind of media company. And it worked! We are a success-leading client strategy and media buying that delivers results for great client. Having your own agency really allows you to find a great work-family balance. And the timing was perfect…I got to be a big part of my kids teenage lives. They were 6 and 10 when we started ConvergeDirect. This is a critical time for developing mommy-daughter relationships. I was able to be at many (definitely not all) sporting events, parent nights, concerts and shows, while still building a great company. More important, I was able to teach my girls that women can do it all-if you have great support-a husband/father that wants to participate in all those fun kid events, a babysitter you trust with your life (or the life of your most prized possessions), and great employees that are strong enough to handle the workload when your personal life gets busy.

So, I made it through, and now (to bring it back to the beginning of this story), with my kids leaving the nest, I begin to think about my continued adventure. What are the business and personal successes I can look forward to. I am sure my 50ish brain and body will take me on adventures I never thought possible.

Until next time…

(My oldest daughter started a blog, now it’s my turn. I need help with the name.)

Robin Bender
Partner, ConvergeDirect

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  1. Kate O'Neill

    You go Robin!

  2. Eileen Mackell

    Love your blog, Robin. You are an amazing woman. Looking forward to watching you flourish even more. I can only imagine what you will accomplish when you find yourself with more “me” time. Watch out world!

  3. Annmarie Connell

    Great read and I totally get it. These next years are our new chapters

  4. Donna

    Love this. Love you. So proud to call you my friend

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