Life Beyond Google – Yes You Can!

I’m constantly asked what makes ConvergeDirect special and for years I’ve touted our People, Process, Technology, Relationships and Experience as key business differentiators. Though I really believe this, it can be at times very “me too”. Because of our vast offline roots, we really do have a differentiator with technology (bringing offline into the technology world), but this posting isn’t about this.

When we’re looking at accounts either run internally or by another agency, the one area that really surprises me (and this falls under the auspice of Experience) is how much time and energy goes into Google and the MicroHoo and how little time goes into the other sources of traffic. Now I’m not talking about the Tier II engines (Miva, Ask, LookSmart, 7Search and more), I’m talking about the WebJuice, Quigo, etc. of the world.

We’re always faced with new competitors snagging our positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo and thus, altering our lead and sales flow. If we (as we find many others do) simply relied on Google for the vast majority of our leads and sales, we’d be in a terrible situation with our partners. I don’t think for one second they’d allow us to say, “Sorry, XYZ company just out bid us and our volume is down 30%”. We use these other sources of traffic to balance out and maintain consistent leads and sales flow.

Nobody wants to put all your eggs in one basket (hence you don’t buy one stock or own more than 10% of your company’s stock in for your 401k) but by not doing this you double (and triple) the amount of work you need to put into your accounts.

The reason why we build our own technologies is because the masses don’t demand API’s into all these “smaller” traffic sources. The pure search marketing tech players don’t want to have to keep up all these API’s if their target customer base isn’t asking for them. We know without them (API’s) we’d never be able to manage the sheer volume of accounts and keywords and thus be constantly explaining why we’re missing forecasts rather than exceeding them.

Steve Jacoby,
Managing Director, Search

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