Is Facebook Atlas Really Worth All The Hype?

Facebook’s new ad targeting platform hopes to chip away at Google’s 32% of global ad dollars. How, you might ask… by focusing on the individual users rather than the cookie.

Facebook’s relaunch of Atlas allows you to use Facebook’s superior targeting ability to buy ads on non-Facebook related sites. It allows you to see who viewed an ad or made a purchase online, on their mobile device, or in a store (if email address is provided at register check-out). This ability to track a person, rather than a cookie has the potential to make some big waves in the digital ad space.

According to Atlas, cookie-based measurement (a-la Google) misjudges reach and frequency by overestimating reach and underestimating frequency. It also does not give a clean or even comprehensible picture of the path to conversion as one user could represent multiple cookies as they switch devices, or perhaps the cookie-window of time expires, or even if a user resets their cookie/history browser setting.

What about usability… will this be their Achilles heel? The biggest issue I have with both Facebook and Atlas (in the past) has been customer service and clunky-ness of the user interfaces. With all the investment and noise around this re-launch here’s hoping we aren’t stuck in the same painstaking advertising interfaces they were operating with.

In this marketer’s opinion, Facebook Atlas is a step in the right direction for the company in regards to marketing ROI. With the combination of Facebook’s advanced targeting options and Atlas tracking, there is all the potential for not only success, but to be the first big threat Google has had on digital ad dominance in quite some time. I guess we’ll have to see… only time will tell.

Krysta Cardinale

Director, Account Strategies

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