Tips on How to Write Viral Content

So you have this great idea for a blog post and you hope that it’ll go viral and drive a lot of people to your blog, but do you know how to create that content, the smart way? Going viral isn’t always guaranteed, but if you follow these tips, you’re a step closer to having your content shared around the internet world.

1. Write Long Content

Content that’s longer in length with a lot of information is more likely to get shared than content short in length according to the Huffington post. Many people think shorter content will grasp the attention of those people using their mobile devices more, but if a person really cares about the topic, then they are more likely to read the full article and share it. Since many people are still stuck in the “the shorter is better” mindset, you’re more likely to stand out if you write longer and a more interesting content.

2. Write Content that Spurs Emotion within the Reader

Content that evokes emotions such as happiness, anger, anxiety, and humor/laughter are the pieces that are more likely to go viral. When people have questions, thoughts or emotions running through their mind they look toward the internet to help them out. This is why controversial, surprising, and positive articles are those that are shared most often. A study by BuzzSumo shows that controversial topics are the best, but why? This is because we love to share our opinions with anyone who will listen. Agreement boosts our egos and confidence. Similarly, sharing a topic that evokes humor or happiness is also shared more frequently because they make us feel better about themselves. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into reaching the right audience at the right moment.

3. Create Quizzes to go Along with Your Article

Every day people share tons and tons of articles from websites such as Buzzfeed, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc., because these websites not only share newsworthy articles, but also quizzes and tests that people can take and share with their social groups. These quizzes help to boost people’s confidence especially if the results are positive because they provide us with a group and/or type that we can identify with. Imagine taking a “What city should you actually live in?” quiz and receiving a satisfying result; what do you do next? You tell others about it to help boost your pleasure and self-perception.

4. Images, Videos, Infographics – Eye catching items = More Shares

People don’t visit the internet to simply read; we respond to visuals, which is why images, videos, and infographics are hugely important. Images and infographics make it easier for us to grasp and digest huge amounts of information.

5. People Share Posts from Trustworthy People

Being known by your audience has great advantages especially when it comes to sharing content. People share content from other influential and well-known authors which is why it’s more important than ever to create your Google Authorship. By building an authorship and staying connected to your audience via social media (e.g. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), you will build relationships and trust with your audience.

6. Stay Connected With Your Audience and Influential People on Social Media Platforms

According to the eMarketer 2013 Forecast 1 in every 4 people worldwide are using social media platforms. This number is expected to rise as mobile is becoming more popular until 2017. Thus the more visible you are on all social media platforms, the more likely your content is to be shared. Connecting with other influencers in your industry can also help build your own brand awareness and get more people to share your content and help make it go viral!

You may not have all of these factors every time, but by implementing a few of these tips, you will give your content a better chance of going viral.

Avani Vyas

SEO Strategist

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