How to choose a Content Management System for your blog?

There are many items to consider when picking out a new Content Management System (CMS) for a blog. It’s great that there is an abundant amount of CMS’s to choose from, but how can you determine which one will work the best for your functionality. The following are some questions to consider when you are choosing your next CMS.

  1. source site Installation – Installation shouldn’t be a difficult or an all day task. Most new CMS’s can be setup in a few minutes using the hosting provider’s service. DIY is an option, but it may take longer.
    1. How easy is the CMS to install on your hosting providers account?
    2. How long will the installation take?
    3. Most support teams and support forums are very helpful in setting up your CMS.

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  2. Templates – Templates are a great addition to a CMS. They provide the design of a website without the cost and time it will take to create your own from scratch.
    1. Does the CMS provide an abundance of templates to choose from that are new and functional?
    2. Is the library of templates up to date with the latest trends?
    3. Can you customize the templates to your specifications?
    4. Is the template compatible across all mobile and desktop devices?


  3. Plug-ins – Plug-ins for CMS are great because they can make difficult tasks easier by providing an existing solution. Joomla Always make sure the plug-in you choose is rated well and reliable. The CMS might offer a vast library of plug-ins, but if you can’t use any of them for your website you might want to consider another CMS. If you plan to share your content, you want to ensure that there is a functional social media plug-in.
    1. Does the CMS provide a vast library of plug-ins for your template and if so are they easy to implement?
    2. Are the plug-ins offered usable by your website?
    3. Does the plug-in library include a social media plug-in?


  4. enter site Asset Management – Managing the content of your website is the most important part. You want to be able to edit and add pages quickly and efficiently. The template along with the CMS should provide an easy interface to edit the content of the website. If you can update your website on both mobile and desktop devices, that is a bonus.
    1. Is it easy to upload media items like videos and images?
    2. Is it easy to embed videos?
    3. Can you create a gallery either using a plug in or already existing functionality?
    4. Can you add/edit and remove pages with ease?


  5. Search – Search is great addition to a website for users to search through the content you offer to find exactly what they are looking for. Most search functionality is built into the template.
    1. Does the template provide search functionality?
    2. Is there a plug-in available if the search functionality isn’t included in the template?


  6. Cost – Free is ideal, but some paid CMS providers will offer support along with richer templates and plug-ins.

Wikipedia has a great list of available Content Management Systems. Some newer CMSs not listed in that article include: Squarespace, Wix and Weebly.

*Images are provided by WordPress, Joomla, and Umbraco CMS.

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