Google and MSN Bid to Buy Yahoo

go Google and MSN Bid to Buy Yahoo

source site So it appears both MSN and Google are in discussions to purchase Yahoo. I can see the strategic value for MSN, more content, more pageviews, plus they’ve already got the US search portion locked up. So what’s the deal with Google? They getting into the content business, a way to expand GDN? Or is it Google’s further international expansion. With Google Japan and Yahoo Japan announcing a partnership in July of 2010 in which Google would power both organic and paid listings, the ground has been laid for further partnerships. In fact, Bing has no platform or plans for one in Japan, so one can see a potential breakup based on geographies for Yahoo. MSN taking the US (and I suspect the content business) and Google taking it (search) internationally. In any case, both parties will get this on the cheap compared to the $31/share offer Ballmer made and Yang refused a few short years ago.

Steve Jacoby, Managing Director Search and Media Strategy

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