Google +1 or Google -2

I know Microsoft didn’t invent much of what they brought to market. Window, office, etc are all “me too” products. I guess their kinda like BASF, they didn’t make it, they just made it better. Now how about Google +1? The art and science behind social search I get. It’s going to be HUGE! The power of the “Like” is tremendous. All us marketers who drive consumers to pages where their friends “Like” what we’re representing is terrific. Will the same be true for ads with loads of +1’s, could be. We could begin to see the evolution of a positive +1 status driving more clicks and thus increasing the Quality Score and lowering the average CPC.

Facebook is just beginning to carve out the data and report it efficiently. However, “Likes” don’t equal increased sales (and conversions). Diet Coke overtook Pepsi as the number 2 player in the market as Pepsi made the strategic decision to invest more in social media and less in traditional. Now when it comes to paid search, getting more clicks could yield more conversions (all things being equal).

I personally don’t think it’s going to be a big barrier to entry like Buzz was. I think the consumer will gladly click the +1. I think we’re going to have to add this into our mainstay and figure out how to work within the auspice of social search. It’s definitely only going to get bigger and bigger.

PS If you search “google experients search” you’ll have to opt in for experiement and then make sure you’re logged in to Google.

go to link Concurrently, and strangely enough, it does not work in Chrome!  Are you kidding???  Works in IE but not Chrome.

Steven Jacoby,
Managing Director Search

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