Get More Leads with These 8 Landing Page Tips

source link Every business can use more leads so it makes sense that every online business manager is always looking for new ways to increase conversion rates on their landing page. The need is simple but accomplishing the task can be challenging. You could drive thousands of visitors to your landing page daily but if they are lost, confused, or uninterested when they get there your conversion rate can be nonexistent. Here are 8 simple ways to help increase conversion rates:

  1. Make Sure Your Page Loads Quickly. Nobody has the time or the patience to sit and wait for your page to load. As a result, slow pages are a leading cause of bounce rate. If you are unaware of speed issues and not sure how to tell, this free tool can help: Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Enter your URL and it will provide you with a score and suggestions on how to improve speed.
  2. Ensure Your Page is Responsive.
    A webpage that is responsive is one that automatically adapts to the device it’s being viewed on whether it be mobile, tablet, or desktop. When a user clicks on a page from their LandingPageTips_12022014mobile device they want the information on the page to be easily accessible and they don’t want to spend time scrolling to find pertinent information. This is crucial because 61% of mobile users are likely to leave a website that is not mobile friendly (according to
  3. Call-to-Action Must Be Prominent. If the call-to-action is hidden or doesn’t pop chances are high that it won’t be seen. Your button should be engaging and relevant to the offer but it should also pop off the page. Test different colors, sizes, and positions on the page. And please think of something better than “Submit”. Button copy such as “Learn More” or “See Affordable Packages” can surprise you by how much stronger they perform!
  4. Keep it Above the fold. All important /relevant information INCLUDING your form should always appear above the fold. Immediate visibility is very important because you want visitors to see it and interact with it before they click away.
  5. Only Ask for Vitals. In general, the fewer fields you have on a form the higher the conversion rate. Not only does it create more work for the user, the majority of people don’t like giving out personal information if they don’t have to. Only ask for information you will use. For example, don’t ask for a phone number if you don’t have outbound telemarketing resources.
  6. Bullet Point Key Benefits of Your Solution. Bullets are easily digested by consumers and are the best way to articulate your value proposition. Bulleted copy has a much higher chance of being read compared to paragraphs which some readers find daunting.
  7. Create Urgency. Explain why a prospect should make an appointment or call today. Offer an incentive when possible. Incentives can include discounts, free newsletters, tips on staying healthy, etc.
  8. Test, Test and Then Test Again. Testing is essential to learn what works best for your target audience. Test different elements on your website and let the data from real visitors dictate what your site looks like.

Christina Sabatini

Manager, Consumer Insights

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