Effective Email Marketing Tips

get link As brands look to expand into newer marketing channels such as social media, an old, but effective, medium is frequently overlooked. Email marketing. Often underrated as a digital marketing tactic email marketing has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most effective means of communicating brand messaging and generating sales/leads.

Of course antiquated “batch-and-blast” email tactics are waning but new, reformed, more detailed approaches are making targeting and optimizing easier than ever. Additionally, increased transparency is allowing for comprehensive data and improved relationships between client and vendor. Combine this with the fact that historically email has been hard to beat from a cost-effective stand point and you’ll see that email is far from dead.

Helpful Tips

  1. source url Opt-in – Make sure customers have the ability to opt-in to future offers. Opt-in lists are essentially the brand traffic of email marketing
  2. get link Tracking – Ensure publisher IDs and sub-publisher IDs are included throughout your tracking in order to identify and optimize both poor and successful lists.
  3. Subject Lines – Experiment and test varying subject lines to ensure maximum open rates
  4. Inboxing – Stay engaged with changes/updates from email providers to ensure emails reach the user
  5. click Messaging – Make use of strong calls to action, offers, and context to maximize CTR
  6. Links – Double check links and tracking before launching
  7. Test, Test, Test – Rotate new layouts, designs and context to find the most effective combination


Jarred Scumaci
Senior Accounts Director

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