DRTV & Radio

Direct Television

Direct response television marketing opportunities are always changing. So, we constantly research new opportunities and analyze the efficiency of national cable networks, satellite television, and the various network affiliate stations. A little more work on our end, a lot more saving time and money for you.

Whether you choose a short 30 or 60-second spot, or an infomercial, we’ll create a specific strategy that works. With our experience, skill, and never-satisfied hunger to be the best, we will always strive to do more so your media delivers more.

Direct Radio

Direct response radio marketing has two automatic benefits:

  1. It’s an effective, low-cost method of increasing the knowledge of your product or service.
  2. Research shows that radio advertisements are mentally perceived as more personal, which results in increased product interest.

At Converge Direct, our savvy direct radio marketing team helps expand on those benefits to achieve consistently profitable radio campaigns for you. There’s never an ad that we can’t find the best presentation for. And you’ll have your own knowledgeable and experienced account manager who will be your outlet for any suggestion you might have or information you need. It’s a foolproof approach that allows us to replicate success again and again and…you get the point.