ConvergeTrack — one of the most advanced tracking and reporting technologies which enables marketers to get a cross sectional view of their entire marketing portfolio. This unique aggregation process enables marketers to take a full 360-degree view of all of their marketing efforts in one individual campaign performance as they relate to each other. ConvergeTrack offers many of the features you would expect in a performance tuned direct marketing technology:

  • Full campaign tracking and reporting for all digital and traditional media channels
    • Impressions, Clicks (Click Thru Rates), Conversions (Click to Conversion Rates), Page Views, Calls, Sales, Leads, and Creative Performance
  • Full visibility into ALL Campaigns- Search Engine Marketing, Display, Affiliate, Email, Print, DRTV, Direct Mail,
    and Radio

    • The most granular data available to make intraday changes
    • Detailed keyword analysis (by match type)
    • Campaign and Adgroup analysis

  • First ever visibility into EVERY SINGLE change that was made and net impact
    • Today vs Yesterday
    • Last 7 days vs Previous 7 days
  • Creative Report
    • Identify best converting ads, not simply the ones with the best Click Thru Rates

  • Domain and Keyword Referrer analysis
    • Eliminate domains that send clicks but don’t convert
    • Learn which sources are good potential media buys
    • Eliminate affiliates that are poor performers
    • Visibility into network partners traffic sources
  • Full Daypart Analysis (conversions and conversion rate by hour and day, CPA by hour and day)
  • Fully automated bidding based on OVER 30 various algorithms (BOTH rules and Portfolio based)
    • CPA/ROI based
    • Conversion volume
  • Detailed Geographical analysis down to the City and State level