ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner.

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner.
New York, NY – ConvergeDirect voted People’s Choice Award Winner for Best New Innovation at the 2011 All For One Integrated Marketing Summit in NYC.
In a close vote, ConvergeDirect’s marketing innovation which solves a core challenge making real-time data-driven Alternative Media buying decisions quickly and accurately in the offline spectrum. ConvergeTrack, our proprietary technology, was created to provide a solution. Our tool extracts an automated feed from dozens of media vendors containing pertinent data at the most granular campaign and geographic levels. ConvergeTrack compiles hundreds of thousands of fields into one unified format and within seconds matches it back to client conversion data. Thus, campaign metrics materialize in days verses months which accelerates the time in which learnings can be applied and media buys can be optimized 30+ days faster.
Said Steve Jacoby, Managing Director Search and Media Strategy, “There were some very innovative competitors in this years competition, but we live with the day to day challenges of managing massive, complex marketing campaigns. When I asked the audience how many of you get full access to costs, impressions, conversions, etc. sent to you each morning – ACROSS ALL MARKETING CHANNELS, and nobody raised their hands, we knew we were really onto something”. Tom Marianacci, President and CEO of ConvergeDirect noted the following, “Our print folks were watching the search team effortlessly use ConvergeTrack to track, manage and plan their accounts and they wanted this amount of efficiency too”.

Steve Jacoby, Managing Director Search and Media Strategies

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