Clients and Influencers: A Win-Win

In any sector of business, whether it be management, finance, marketing etc., people prefer to receive return on their time and effort rather than providing knowledge or services pro bono. If a win-win situation is possible, why not take advantage?

This principal applies in the digital marketing sector as well; especially within the search engine optimization (SEO) division. As SEO professionals we strive to help enrich the client’s website and drive value to their customers. Developing original and relevant content is vital to a website for four main reasons:

  1. New creative works that follow new trends, answer user questions while keeping your industry/company in mind will attract more organic searches, improve social media presence and help increase visitor interest/traffic as well as trust toward the clients’ website
  2. Relevant, valuable content will help solidify the company’s position in the marketplace. This allows the client to steer clear of a Google penalty that can push the website out of the top five search results. Entrepreneurial Insights cautions content creators against generating low quality, duplicate, expired, short, auto generated, text generated, misfit guest, directory, and general key word content. These are all red flags in the eyes of Google’s “search squad” and can increase the chances of the website being penalized
  3. Optimized content (optimized title tags, meta descriptions, htags, alt tags, etc.) is likely to rank higher within the search engine ranking results. Create and optimize the content while keeping the users in mind
  4. By generating new content tailored to the needs of the client, we are able to target the particular key words that people are searching for (long tail and short tail). This will draw in targeted consumers and increase the right kind of traffic
    • Long tail: Salon Locations Near Manhattan (More sentence-like)
    • Short tail: Salons

watch Creating fresh new content can be difficult at times for SEO professionals, especially agencies focusing on various industries and clients. Ideally having a credible source (someone who is part of the industry), who has a significant social media and occupational presence is usually the best route to take. This person is often referred to as an influencer. Their success is often a result of thorough integration within multiple avenues of media, and effectively promoting themselves and their work creatively and confidently.

watch Mainly, the person you choose as your influencer must be capable of guiding the visitor through their user journey. For instance, the influencer can write general content related to the client, thereby helping users who are unfamiliar with the website see it through the search engines utilization of relevant targeted keywords. As a result of the pre-established nature of the influencer, the user is more likely to buy into what the influencer is promoting. According to germin 8, 74% of consumers rely on media to influence their purchasing decisions; that’s a lot of promotion power!

go to link Media InfluencersSource – germin8

click here Once you’re confident in your influencer, he/she can start adding quality content to the website. Recognizing quality content is extremely important; in a survey conducted by Vocus and Brian Solis, 62% of the respondents said that they follow an influencer because of the content they create. Quality content relates to the client’s product or service and further establishes the credibility of the site.

For example, if a hair care company employs a well-known stylist to post hair styling tutorials a few times a week, this adds value to the site. Conversely, if the same company began posting celebrity gossip updates multiple times a day, they will most likely receive a penalty for a high level of low quality content. This content is too broad and unrelated and it does not promote the correct service. Instead of informing and generating interest, it confuses the customer on the purpose of the page.

source Now that the chosen influencer has proven valuable, he/she can be paired with a client. This pairing allows both parties to mutually benefit in ways that are extremely useful for each other’s’ business. First, an influencer will lend his/her name, social media standing, and industry connections to an original relatable piece. In return they will receive credit on the client’s website and access to the client’s audience. The client will in turn gain contact with the influencer’s audience through mutual linkage to the article, not to mention the addition of worthwhile content that allows them to stand out.

Media InfluencersSource – germin8

Achievement in many industries depends on exposure, so this deal is a major plus for both parties. Don’t forget the monetary gains, an increase in rankings, and an extended reach if you create a strong partnership. To measure the social media quantitative benefits and your overall success, tools such as Sprout Social, domo, Taboola, Outbrain and Google Display Network can also be helpful for your promotions.

A SEO strategist understands this process, facilitates a relationship, and gives it the tools to flourish. Client satisfaction as well as influencer gain is practically guaranteed if the proper guidelines are followed. As long as a capable, relatable, and successful influencer creates quality content and is paired with the right type of client, positive gains will follow. This is a fairly unique, sure fire way to ensure success all around. Follow these tips and you’ll ALL come out on top!

Danielle Colavito

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