Client flexibility = Client savings:
Remnant Print Buying

As our industry becomes more and more competitive, clients seek lower and lower rates, allocate less and less money – all the while expecting a similar return.

Efficiency management is at the forefront of planning, and essential to profitability.

One way to cut costs in print media is to buy remnant.

Most print media can be had, at significantly lower costs, if a client is willing to purchase on a remnant basis. There is nearly always surplus product that can be bought at a lower cost. Print media is no different. If a direct response advertiser is willing to allow elasticity with typical advertising details in exchange for cost savings then remnant is the way to go.

There are many areas of flexibility that can induce lower cost, some are:

  • Timing: You have a limited budget but a client that is hell-bent on generating more calls in the Kansas City area. If said client is willing to have their eye-catching, sparkly creative run at any time from July 1 – July 14 vs. “I want this to go out on Sunday July 5”, you can usually procure a stark discount. (Also please note that with a little finagling, one might be able to influence or direct one’s ad to a more specific date within that 2-week window….)
  • Section: Although this cannot be guaranteed, most times the Main/A section is given. On the upside, you might find that certain ads respond better in sections that you would never think to place them in.
  • Ad copy size: If you are willing to provide different ad size copy quarter, half & full page – your chances of filling blank space are threefold.
  • Geographic Region: although this is negligible when it comes to newspaper buying, in Co-ops and Alt Media, your geographic flexibility opens up a much better chance of getting your client message out there and the possibility of a bigger universe for roll out.

Mike Braccio

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