The advancement of technology is great, except for when it isn’t

Having recently taken a week-long cruise vacation, it’s apparent that since the last time I was away at sea, a lot has changed, but not all for the better. Gone are the days where you couldn’t get Wi-Fi once on the water (“I’ll be inaccessible for a week” just seems so late 2000’s). Royal Caribbean offers a Wi-Fi packa…Read More

WAML is the new Flash

Web Application Markup Language is the new standard for ad development. It includes any language used to develop a web based application including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox removed support for Adobe Flash in their latest releases leading to large websites like YouTube, Amazon, …Read More

Get More Leads with These 8 Landing Page Tips

Every business can use more leads so it makes sense that every online business manager is always looking for new ways to increase conversion rates on their landing page. The need is simple but accomplishing the task can be challenging. You could drive thousands of visitors to your landing page daily but if they are lost, confused, or…Read More

How to choose a Content Management System for your blog?

There are many items to consider when picking out a new Content Management System (CMS) for a blog. It’s great that there is an abundant amount of CMS’s to choose from, but how can you determine which one will work the best for your functionality. …Read More

4 Data Analysis Features Every Marketer Should be Using

Today’s marketers are faced with constant data explosion. Customer data is tracked from television spots, radio ads, direct mail campaigns, search, display and social media interactions. The ability to prove ROI on a campaign is never for a lack of the quantity of data available. But, the insights gained from this data and the acti…Read More

AOL Doing Music-Again?

AOL recently announced a partnership with Slacker Inc. (why again do you name the company that) to sell music subscription (ad free) for $4 a month-YAWN… Now on the surface this appears to be going in the complete opposite direction Tim Armstrong has been taking AOL in recently. Tim recently noted in a corporate wide memo, “that…Read More

Mobile Commerce – Discover a New Way To Earn Rewards

I was taking waiting for a taxi the other day, in the rain. As anyone who’s ever tried to grab a taxi in NYC, on a rainy day knows, it’s tough. A colleague of mine suggested we hop into a livery car service (which was a great idea) but I didn’t have $10 to my name and he didn’t take credit cards. Lucky for me, my colleague ha…Read More