Social Media

The Power of Viral Marketing for Branding & Retail

During my college years, I had this great idea to start a jewelry eCommerce business as a fun project and as a challenge for myself to begin my first steps into the entrepreneurial world. The only problem here was the money. I was dirt poor and most of my expenses were allocated toward creating quality products and lavish packaging. …Read More

Is Facebook Atlas Really Worth All The Hype?

Facebook’s new ad targeting platform hopes to chip away at Google’s 32% of global ad dollars. How, you might ask… by focusing on the individual users rather than the cookie. Facebook’s relaunch of Atlas allows you to use Facebook’s superior targeting ability to buy ads on non-Facebook related sites. It allows you to see …Read More


The above is something that would have looked like gibberish 10 years ago, and something I never believed I would have ever typed. Not only beginning a statement with a "hash tag", but then following it up with the word "sharknado". …Read More

Tips on How to Write Viral Content

So you have this great idea for a blog post and you hope that it’ll go viral and drive a lot of people to your blog, but do you know how to create that content, the smart way? Going viral isn’t always guaranteed, but if you follow these tips, you’re a step closer to having your content shared around the internet world. 1. Wr…Read More

8 Tips to Effectively Market Your Content

The sudden upsurge in the popularity of social media has left many traditionalist marketing firms scratching their heads. This relatively new form of web-based interactions has changed the face of online marketing completely, and while a lot of firms have adapted to survive, quite a few haven’t, and are paying the price for it. …Read More

If Content is King Social Media is Queen

Content always has been and always will be the ruler of the land. But if you ONLY build content on your website will people come. 62% of companies believe posting on social media is vital to their marketing effectiveness. 46% consumers make their purchase dec…Read More

Is SEO and Social Media in a Relationship?

What is Social Media and SEO Everyone is thinking and talking about the relationship between Social Media and SEO. Social Media is used to build relationships by fostering interactions, discussions, to share ideas and content. Social media helps with the discovery of new content, information and current stories. It’s abou…Read More

The Value Of The Like

I’ve been reading quite a bit about the value (and in many cases, non value) of the facebook Like. According to a column in search engine land by Carrie Hill, “over 90% of the people who like your facebook business page will never look again”. Now, Ms. Hill states this totally anecdotally, which I think is bad on the editorial …Read More

The Art and Science of Your Social Networking

As one that commutes 40+ minutes to and from work each day, I tend to spend a good bit of time on my social networks. For me, it’s Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m “somewhat” conscientious on what I’m posting as to not offend anyone but yet not bore everyone as well. What strikes me is the amount of folks who use these sites with…Read More

Deal of the Day – Overload!

By now you’re most likely getting several Deal of the Day(s) emails from Groupon, LivingSocial or Google Offers to name a few. Touting that what would normally cost you $150 now will only cost you $75! Now there are certain restrictions and unless you’re a fine print reader, you’ll get a rude awakening (this should only happen …Read More