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Microsoft Marketing in Multiple Verticals

If you live in the world of display advertising, having new weekly vendor meetings and being a part of the social media community  is critical to staying ahead of the competition. One of these vendors who happens to be a house hold name is also taking online marketing through multiple devices to a whole new level. Microsoft has cha…Read More

Yahoo 6.0 – A New CEO Is Born

Yahoo hired PayPal President, Scott Thompson as their new CEO. I think on one level this is wonderful. Bring in a tech executive that is great at team building and has an outwardly positive appeal to rebuilding the brand of Yahoo! However, that’s the end of my optimism. The Yahoo board wants to bring someone on board who can quickl…Read More

Google X

A lot’s been in news recently regarding the “so secret many Googlers don’t know about it” Google X. The NY Times wrote an interesting article this past weekend which detailed out (to some extent) cars that …Read More

This Decade Mobile Rules – Search to Lead US Mobile Ad Revenue

This Decade Mobile Rules - Search to Lead US Mobile Ad Revenue A recent Online Media Daily article touted search as the dominate revenue generator on mobile devises in 2012. Not surprisingly, outpacing SMS, mobile display and other forms of opt-in messaging. Basically, their saying it’s better (aka more profitable) to reach a c…Read More

AdWords Starts to Report Clicks and Keyword Positioning

AdWords Starts to Report on Keyword Positioning A very cool thing we noticed the other day that’s not available through the API and NOT in the AdWords UI is the ability to record (and store) the position the keyword was in when it was clicked. It’s being passed back in the URL string ctadpos=1t1 (meaning page 1 top rail positio…Read More

Google and MSN Bid to Buy Yahoo

Google and MSN Bid to Buy Yahoo So it appears both MSN and Google are in discussions to purchase Yahoo. I can see the strategic value for MSN, more content, more pageviews, plus they’ve already got the US search portion locked up. So what’s the deal with Google? They getting into the content business, a way to expand GDN? Or…Read More

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner.

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner. New York, NY – ConvergeDirect voted People’s Choice Award Winner for Best New Innovation at the 2011 All For One Integrated Marketing Summit in NYC. …Read More

2011 DMA Innovations Award: ConvergeDirect is a Finalist!

We submitted an entry to the 2011 DMA Innovations Awards. The category we selected was Database, Measurement and Attribution. The summary of the innovation is as follows: A core challenge is making real-time data-driven Alternative Media buying decisions quickly and accurately in the offline spectrum. ConvergeTrack™…Read More

Monitoring Your Marks-Welcome Microsoft!

It took enough time for Microsoft (and when I say Microsoft I mean Bing and Yahoo) to catch up to Google and start allowing you to bid on your competitors marks. Now on the surface this seems like a nice money maker for Microsoft (which it is). Marks generally obtain a nice high CTR and typically are very low CPC’s (at least they w…Read More