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Considerations for Successful Creative Testing in Print Media

A mistake in creative test set-up can have detrimental effects on your campaign.  Besides the obvious financial loss the learnings loss can set you back months from hitting your goals.  In print media testing can take weeks even months to go out and then weeks more to read.  Getting it right the first time will keep you on track.…Read More

Client flexibility = Client savings:
Remnant Print Buying

As our industry becomes more and more competitive, clients seek lower and lower rates, allocate less and less money - all the while expecting a similar return. Efficiency management is at the forefront of planning, and essential to profitability. One way to cut costs in print media is to buy remnant. Most print media can be …Read More

Print Testing by Media Channel

As Teena mentioned in last week’s post, creative and format testing is always important. One factor to consider when creative testing is the audience and context of the media channel. Readers of newspapers, FSI’s, Sunday supplements and magaz…Read More

Print Testing 101

Testing is imperative for any campaign to optimize performance and format in the print environment.  Many times testing budgets or timing for reading results are limited so it’s crucial to plan out your strategy in order to gain the most impactful learnings.  These values can help streamline and truly hone in on the objectives an…Read More

7 Optimization Tactics for Consideration When Evaluating Print Campaigns

When reviewing print program performance there are several levers that can be pulled to generate response rate lifts.  Many planners will look mainly to rate and creative to get programs to goal and miss other tactics that can be equally impactful.  If you have exhausted options with rate and creative do not deem a program unsucces…Read More

How to Save Money on Printing and Production

When analyzing a DR insert or alternative media campaign, one of the components or levers that we have control of is the printing/production of the insert.  Most advertisers award an entire print job/run to a single printer. By breaking down the elements of the printing you can outsource the other components to the lowest bidder.…Read More

Print Marketing Is Still Very Much Alive

Online.  Mobile.  Social.  We have all heard the buzzwords from all of the various mediums with print marketing assumed to be left by the wayside.   However, this is way far from the truth.   While it has been well publicized that newspaper revenue and circulation numbers are not what they used to be- print marketing is still …Read More

Bringing Online to Offline, Sort Of

Since 2004 I’ve been somewhat close to print advertising through my relationship with our current President & CEO Tom. Tom and I have had several conversation with regards to print (alt media in this case) not performing as bad (ROI) as people give it credit for and search most likely doesn’t perform as well as people give it…Read More