The Importance of Coupon Sites in Affiliate Marketing

If the word “couponing” raises images of your grandma cutting newspaper squares at the kitchen table, or reminds you of the hoarding couponers from TLC’s, Extreme Couponing, then you have a dated look on it. The world of couponing has gone digital; it can be expansive and baffling, but couponing is an extremely large opportunit…Read More

Simple steps for effective selling

Selling can be scary to some but thrilling to others. The attitude that someone has about selling, can be attributed to a variety of factors such as: Product or service knowledge Self confidence Qualification of the prospect Intimidation from the sales lead Understanding a…Read More

The advancement of technology is great, except for when it isn’t

Having recently taken a week-long cruise vacation, it’s apparent that since the last time I was away at sea, a lot has changed, but not all for the better. Gone are the days where you couldn’t get Wi-Fi once on the water (“I’ll be inaccessible for a week” just seems so late 2000’s). Royal Caribbean offers a Wi-Fi packa…Read More

Statement Marketing

We are at that time of year where those of us who still receive paper credit card statements in the mail are being inundated with thick envelopes from the various credit card companies whose cards we carry in our wallets – the damage of holiday shopping is upon us.  But did you know that credit card statements can be a great way t…Read More

4 Key Guidelines to Creating a Successful Presentation Deck

There is nothing worse than feeling like a presentation you spent countless hours on is falling flat in a meeting with a client. You know the material better than anyone, but the information in your supporting slides muddies the message you try to convey. I experienced both the highs and the lows of presenting to various clients and …Read More

Privacy, PR, and How One Company Got it Right

Privacy. It’s been a real hot button issue over the past few years. You can’t turn on the TV or read a news article without hearing about how our privacy is being exploited. The NSA, Edward Snowden, Facebook, Big Data, the list goes on and on. As marketers, we often find ourselves treading in muddied waters. What’s too intrusiv…Read More