Where are all of the women mentors?

While watching The Vanguard-Women in Media, I sit in awe soaking in the stories and work lives of great women in the workforce- Denis Albert, Dr. Ruth and Melissa Muse Ger…Read More

Life after kids…already!

Today felt weird. I watched my 'babygirl' leave for her first day of her last year of high school. Exciting for her but sad for me. In 11 short months she will leave the nest and begin her adventure into adulthood. I think about my oldest; she is traveling the world, experiencing new things and starting to build long-life relationshi…Read More

Making Great Meetings Happen

I am 100% sure I am not alone when I say, “I hate going to meetings that are unproductive, and a waste of everyone’s time.”  I attend some meetings where half the people are paying attention, some are on their phones, and others are trying to pay attention but cannot stop thinking about everyone that is not.  Is it their faul…Read More

Mobile Commerce – Discover a New Way To Earn Rewards

I was taking waiting for a taxi the other day, in the rain. As anyone who’s ever tried to grab a taxi in NYC, on a rainy day knows, it’s tough. A colleague of mine suggested we hop into a livery car service (which was a great idea) but I didn’t have $10 to my name and he didn’t take credit cards. Lucky for me, my colleague ha…Read More