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What We Can Learn About Direct Marketing From Starbucks

We've all been there.  Standing in line at a Starbucks in the midst of your morning commute, face lit with the steady glow of your timeline or sports scores as you catch up on last night’s events.  You take a quick glance up to see how much longer you need to wait for your grande Americana when you notice a person with the same s…Read More

This Decade Mobile Rules – Search to Lead US Mobile Ad Revenue

This Decade Mobile Rules - Search to Lead US Mobile Ad Revenue A recent Online Media Daily article touted search as the dominate revenue generator on mobile devises in 2012. Not surprisingly, outpacing SMS, mobile display and other forms of opt-in messaging. Basically, their saying it’s better (aka more profitable) to reach a c…Read More

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner.

ConvergeDirect, 2011 DMA Innovation Awards Winner. New York, NY – ConvergeDirect voted People’s Choice Award Winner for Best New Innovation at the 2011 All For One Integrated Marketing Summit in NYC. …Read More

2011 DMA Innovations Award: ConvergeDirect is a Finalist!

We submitted an entry to the 2011 DMA Innovations Awards. The category we selected was Database, Measurement and Attribution. The summary of the innovation is as follows: A core challenge is making real-time data-driven Alternative Media buying decisions quickly and accurately in the offline spectrum. ConvergeTrack™…Read More

Troubled Postal System: Good or Bad for Direct Marketing Services?

Faced with an estimated $7 billion shortfall in 2010, the United States Postal Service (USPS) had filed for an exigent postal rate increase which proposes a 5.6 percent postage-rate increase to start January 2011. Also proposed is a reduction in service, from six days of mail service to five. What will all this mean to an already dec…Read More