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Millennials Get Traditional

Reshma Kharawla Associate Media Analyst…Read More

Journalytics: The Key to Turning Big Data into Business Insights

Each morning our inboxes are flooded with emails containing an immense volume of data tracking our organization’s performance. As business analysts, we are tasked with making sense of the information on hand and to use it to drive strategic decisions. Often times the presentation of the data makes it difficult to navigate and it is…Read More

Native Guidelines

The time when display spend surpasses search in the US may have arrived. Emarketer estimates that in 2016, display ad spend in the US will reach $32 billion, compared to $29 billion in search spend. Much of said evolution is being stimulated by the growing availability of Native advertising formats. …Read More

Yahoo Gemini – DOW Exclusions

Dayparts are a crucial addition to any SEM account to better adjust your bids for top converting hours or best performing days. However, another strategy is to exclude the days in which performance may suffer (such as weekends in which clicks may be accrued with limited to no conversions). In Google and MSN, we can easily select a…Read More

WAML is the new Flash

Web Application Markup Language is the new standard for ad development. It includes any language used to develop a web based application including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Major browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox removed support for Adobe Flash in their latest releases leading to large websites like YouTube, Amazon, …Read More

Why Top 10 Lists Work

We've all seen them, whether it be seemingly meaningless content on the bottom of a page, lists plastered on Facebook walls or even on a site dedicated to them (, list-based posts work.  The debate over the legitimacy and/or value of these lists in comparison to more norm…Read More

9 Tips To Improve Acquisition

1. Instill customer trust by adding accreditations: As seen on TV, Featured in USA Today, Made in America, BBB, DMA Member since 1990, 1MM+ sold 2. Incorporate attributes of the media vehicle in your ad: In a couponing/discounting environment, feature a coupon or significant savings message; In a heavy editorial environment, lever…Read More

Online Video: The Next Frontier in Display Marketing

Day in and day out we toil to provide the best for our clients. Researching, attending various media summits and even picking the brains of our fellow coworkers. When campaigns become stagnant and even decline, we hunt for the next big thing. In today’s world, we use online video for everything. Whether we want to bake a cake, s…Read More

Why Color Matters

Color is one of main elements that formulate an effective landing page design. When consumers visit a landing page, they typically make up their mind to click the call to action button within the first few seconds. Color determines the perception of the business, product, and trustworthiness, while also capturing attention of a landi…Read More


The above is something that would have looked like gibberish 10 years ago, and something I never believed I would have ever typed. Not only beginning a statement with a "hash tag", but then following it up with the word "sharknado". …Read More