The Importance of Coupon Sites in Affiliate Marketing

If the word “couponing” raises images of your grandma cutting newspaper squares at the kitchen table, or reminds you of the hoarding couponers from TLC’s, Extreme Couponing, then you have a dated look on it. The world of couponing has gone digital; it can be expansive and baffling, but couponing is an extremely large opportunit…Read More

Where are all of the women mentors?

While watching The Vanguard-Women in Media, I sit in awe soaking in the stories and work lives of great women in the workforce- Denis Albert, Dr. Ruth and Melissa Muse Ger…Read More

Millennials Get Traditional

Reshma Kharawla Associate Media Analyst…Read More

How Budweiser Won “The Big Game”

In its annual Super Bowl Issue, AdWeek published survey results on what consumers were looking for in ads for this year’s “big game”. All survey results pointed towards viewers wanting funny, cute commercials starring animals and celebrities. Ultimately, this year’s most successful commercial — …Read More

Life after kids…already!

Today felt weird. I watched my 'babygirl' leave for her first day of her last year of high school. Exciting for her but sad for me. In 11 short months she will leave the nest and begin her adventure into adulthood. I think about my oldest; she is traveling the world, experiencing new things and starting to build long-life relationshi…Read More

Journalytics: The Key to Turning Big Data into Business Insights

Each morning our inboxes are flooded with emails containing an immense volume of data tracking our organization’s performance. As business analysts, we are tasked with making sense of the information on hand and to use it to drive strategic decisions. Often times the presentation of the data makes it difficult to navigate and it is…Read More

5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Lead Generation

According to a study by Direct Marketing Association over half of the marketers surveyed cite email as the marketing channel that delivers the best return on investment. Despite the benefits of email marketing, not all companies understand the importance of this effective tool. Here are the five advantages of using email marketing fo…Read More

Considerations for Successful Creative Testing in Print Media

A mistake in creative test set-up can have detrimental effects on your campaign.  Besides the obvious financial loss the learnings loss can set you back months from hitting your goals.  In print media testing can take weeks even months to go out and then weeks more to read.  Getting it right the first time will keep you on track.…Read More

Making Great Meetings Happen

I am 100% sure I am not alone when I say, “I hate going to meetings that are unproductive, and a waste of everyone’s time.”  I attend some meetings where half the people are paying attention, some are on their phones, and others are trying to pay attention but cannot stop thinking about everyone that is not.  Is it their faul…Read More

5 things to do before your next sales and/or client meeting

Face-to-face meetings occur less today than they did 20 years ago for a myriad of reasons including but not limited to cost, time, and convenience. That said, the time for an in person meeting will almost certainly come up at some point in your life. Whether you are making a sales pitch to a potential client or meeting an existing cl…Read More