Content Marketing

Clients and Influencers: A Win-Win

In any sector of business, whether it be management, finance, marketing etc., people prefer to receive return on their time and effort rather than providing knowledge or services pro bono. If a win-win situation is possible, why not take advantage? This principal applies in the digital marketing sector as well; especially within t…Read More

Tips on How to Write Viral Content

So you have this great idea for a blog post and you hope that it’ll go viral and drive a lot of people to your blog, but do you know how to create that content, the smart way? Going viral isn’t always guaranteed, but if you follow these tips, you’re a step closer to having your content shared around the internet world. 1. Wr…Read More

What’s Old is New…

…Reese’s pieces in E.T….. Ray- Ban Aviators in Top Gun….. FedEx in Cast–Away Yesterday’s product placement ads are today’s Content Marketing/Native Advertising. Content Marketing is a hot topic in the digital world. Like most new innovations or trends, many are tweaks, combinations or evolutions of an older concept. …Read More