How Budweiser Won “The Big Game”

In its annual Super Bowl Issue, AdWeek published survey results on what consumers were looking for in ads for this year’s “big game”. All survey results pointed towards viewers wanting funny, cute commercials starring animals and celebrities. Ultimately, this year’s most successful commercial — …Read More

The Power of Front Page Advertising

As technology continues to modernize, advertisers are faced with the endless challenge of how to best reach and engage customers. With many mediums to choose from, newspapers still reign precedence. Newspaper advertising can target specific demographics, which allows advertisers to reach smaller audiences including those in specific …Read More

Yahoo & Google Sign ‘Search Deal’, Sort of

Overview Yahoo and Google announced a three-year ‘Search Deal’ (with no guarantees, lots of flexibility, and multiple termination clauses) which will enable Yahoo to serve Google’s ads on 49% of desktop and 100% of mobile searches (if it wishes). Deal Highlights Google could …Read More

The laws of science are dictating your ad performance

Synergy and connectivity are the gravity and magnetism buzzwords of the advertising world and while they appear to keep everything together the truth is similar to physics… there always seems to be a linking particle missing.  While a growing emphasis on analytics has brought advertisers closer to identifying optimal ROI, perfect …Read More

Video and it’s Growth in Direct Response Advertising

Did you know that in the US, digital video ad spending is projected to increase by 34% this year versus 2014? As video becomes the norm across a number of media platforms, the demand for more engaging ad experiences is on the rise, even in direct response marketing where the most cost effective option is usually the …Read More

4 Key Guidelines to Creating a Successful Presentation Deck

There is nothing worse than feeling like a presentation you spent countless hours on is falling flat in a meeting with a client. You know the material better than anyone, but the information in your supporting slides muddies the message you try to convey. I experienced both the highs and the lows of presenting to various clients and …Read More

Real-Time Advertising Can’t be Planned

One of the greatest and unique Super Bowl advertisements this century, was not one that was purchased for $4 million dollars, did not contain cute babies or animals, take months or giant funds to create. One of the greatest and unique Super Bowl ads didn’t even run on television. …Read More

Where can print advertisers find new customers?

As the world moves online, where does that leave the traditional print advertisers? The circulation of insert programs is shrinking and finding available space is becoming more competitive.   Fear not, there are cost efficient solutions.  Utilizing drive-to-phone programs can provide advertisers with additional distribution for ne…Read More

What’s Old is New…

…Reese’s pieces in E.T….. Ray- Ban Aviators in Top Gun….. FedEx in Cast–Away Yesterday’s product placement ads are today’s Content Marketing/Native Advertising. Content Marketing is a hot topic in the digital world. Like most new innovations or trends, many are tweaks, combinations or evolutions of an older concept. …Read More