Achieve your Marketing Goals with the Help of an Agency

Understanding all the nuances of any type of digital marketing that stems into lead generation, whether it is SEO, SEM, Email, Affiliate, etc., is not a process that takes a few days; it can take weeks, or even months to complete! It is an extremely daunting task, and one of the main reasons why almost every major university now offers some sort of digital marketing degree.  Every business is reliant upon some aspect of digital marketing to drive leads for their business, and there are not enough qualified people to help run all these businesses.

It takes a daily steady diet of reading articles from all over the web, and a readiness to adapt at any time, to really get a good hold on what is needed to ensure that all the campaigns are running as efficiently as possible.  Did you know that Google changed their algorithm over 500 times in 2013?  So even when reading all these articles, one must ask themselves “is this still relevant”?

Do you as a business owner have anyone in your company that has the time to spend reading up on all these articles to help define a strategy?  Would you want to pay a “greenhorn” employee to try to come to their own conclusions based off of the articles they have been reading?  Would you want to pay someone you trust to do this, let’s say a senior level employee, to sit in front of a computer all day and read articles for $80,000 per year?  The simple answer is no…

So why outsource your digital marketing campaigns to an agency?

Knowledge – No one person can be an expert in all digital marketing channels.  By keeping the marketing efforts in-house you are leaning on someone to make decisions on channels they only have a cursory amount of knowledge of.  Any good digital agency will have at least one expert for every media channel to help drive the best decisions.

Cost – The minute a digital marketing position is filled within a company, costs have already jumped tremendously because of their salary.  In addition, there will be things they simply do not have the knowledge to do, or have the time to do, so an agency will have to be hired anyways to fill in the gaps.  To do a halfway decent job they will also have to be switching their strategy based on the information they are reading, and in turn, they will need a budget to buy ads or try new tactics.  So in addition to their salary and the agency fees, another test budget will have to be created so they can do their job.  Anyone that is “worth their weight” is going to come with a hefty salary, typically more than what you would pay an agency.

Training/Turnover – Digital marketing does not sit in a static environment, it is ever changing.  Having a digital expert who is on top of new developments and tactics is paramount.  Good digital people, who actually like to stay on top of the new developments, are constantly being poached by other companies.  The best digital companies constantly hire the best digital individuals.  In addition, there is no training for an agency which is why all your campaigns will be able to “hit the ground running” within a few days.

Coverage – What happens when your in-house digital marketing director takes a vacation?  Will any work be done or will it just be left alone and unoptimized until he gets back?  Agencies have full staffs that have the ability to cover for any individual that is out.

Philosophy – It is always better to have more than one set of eyes on your campaign because it will create an atmosphere of speaking up about different initiatives and ideas.  Sometimes employees can be a little too close to the business to truly separate them from what’s best for the website vs. what’s best for the people coming to the website.  A lot of times the employees will try and tell the users what they want when they come to a website, rather than letting the user experience dictate where they should be directed and the messaging they would like to see.

Alex Crystal

Senior Account Director


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