9 Tips To Improve Acquisition

click here 1. Instill customer trust by adding accreditations: As seen on TV, Featured in USA Today, Made in America, BBB, DMA Member since 1990, 1MM+ sold

2. Incorporate attributes of the media vehicle in your ad: In a couponing/discounting environment, feature a coupon or significant savings message; In a heavy editorial environment, leverage an advertorial format

3. Ensure price point is in line with other offers being presented in a advertising involvement (consider 5 payments of $19.95 each rather than $100 price point)

source 4. Use strong claims to best describe the features of your product: 3X better; Results in less than an hour; New and improved. Support claims with independent research.

5. Prioritize call to action based on effectiveness of each channel: If your call center has a close rate, drive prospects to phone; leverage mailbacks for senior offers; drive to a unique web address with a simple order form

here 6. Make the ordering process easy: Feature click-to-call on your mobile site; 24/7 call center hours; No waiting, no phone trees; single step order form completion online; pre-populate customer information on mailbacks

7. Conducting real time screening on incoming phone calls and online and offer relevant cross sell products

source 8. Conduct tests with planned frequency as many media vehicles require multiple ads to drive response

9. Consider allocation; measure fluctuation of search results when broadcast, direct mail drops, print advertising are active and allocate a percentage of sales to other channels

Cindy Karamitis

Vice President

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